...A la Carta
"Extraordinary Women"
Greek myths
Horta històrica de Lleida
El misteri de la biblioteca
Soc d'un Poble
Women who changed the world
Puzzle Form: The farm
Aprende a leer y escribir
Estrellas del Valorcesto
Diset puzzles
Yo-Yo Phonics Stars
The dream
The boat race
Malory Towers. The new series
The princess and the dragon
I wanna be an artist, too!
Wallpainting for Artspire
The Secret Series
illustrations for Custo Barcelona
The Famous Five (part II)
The Famous Five (part I)
The three Little Pigs
Is Da Vinci an alien?
Planet Fantasy
Seurat and his Rascal
Cezanne and his paintbrush
Shop & Math
Holiday English
El meu aniversari!
Bravo magazine
Kandinsky and his horse
Tourist handbag collections
children psychomotricity projects
The dream painter Rousseau
Zooloco educational deck
Vodafone Yu:
Yo-yo phonics 3 and 6
Degas in the camera
Pol and Martina travel to space!
Characters for Bauer magazines
Violeta Jones for Pizza Emporio
Youth educational projects
Educa Borras games
Pixépolis. Science primary project
Aventuras en Insulán
Pizza Emporio
Beep 3 and Beep 4
Your Chinese Zodiac
Escuela de princesas
Divas, actressses and models
Ricky the robot
Fashion illustrations
El cuento de Quim
Colours 1 and 2
Brújula. Primary education science project
Los Lunnis magazine
Shop windows L'Obrador
Science educational illustrations
¡Sin machismo, sí!...Pásalo
Other projects I
Other projects II
Other projects III
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